Targets - Objectives

The main objective of the firm is to transfer the gained scientific knowledge and experience from the applied research and academic field to the area of consulting and development of innovative projects for the exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources (R.E.S.).

The ultimate scope of Aeolian Land S.A. is the contribution to the upgrade of the energy systems and power plants in Greece and abroad through:

a. The rational exploitation of R.E.S. both in centralized power plants of large or small size (wind parks,  photovoltaic stations, hybrid power plants with the support of storage systems), and in decentralised applications, regarding the integration of R.E.S. technologies for power production in buildings and consumptions of small size.

b. The introduction of energy saving technologies in buildings and other premises.

c. The development of new innovative hardware and software products for energy production, control and saving.

The above targets are approached under the following fundamental principles:

a. The exploitation of R.E.S. should be approached with respect to the natural environment, the History, the tradition and the ethics of the geographical territories, aiming, above all, to the economic and social growth of the local, remote Human Communities and the protection of the Natural Ecosystems.

b. Each geographical area is unique, exhibiting specific peculiarities regarding its needs and the potential possibilities for R.E.S. exploitation. Consequently, the introduction of R.E.S. power plants can not be the same for different geographical territories. On the contrary, it should be implemented according to site and land specific feasibility studies, taking into account all the sensitivities and needs met locally.

You can see the presentation:

“The exploitation of electricity production projects from Renewable Energy Sources for social and economic development. The case of Greece.”

with the proposals of the firm on the approach of development of local communities based on R.E.S. projects (pdf file 5,6MB).