Seminars delivery – participations in conferences

The following selected seminars have been delivered by Aeolian Land S.A.:

1. Energy saving in municipal premises. 22/2/2013. Municipality of Paggaio. Funding: "LA - GrBg - EnergyNet".


a. Energy saving in swimming pools (download the presentation pdf file 1,4MB)

b. Energy saving in electric motors (download the presentation pdf file 2,0ΜΒ)

c. Energy saving in electromechanical equipment with power coefficient correction (download the presentation pdf file 2,9ΜΒ)

d. Energy saving in municipal lighting (download the presentation pdf file 1,3ΜΒ)


Aeolian Land S.A. has participated in the following conferences:

1. 1st Symposium in Kasos, 19-20 of August 2014.


"Combined production of electricity and potable water with a hybrid power plant and a desalination unit in the island of Kasos, Dodecanese, Greece".

(download the presentation pdf file 3,2ΜΒ)