Hybrid power plant of Agios Efstratios

1. Technology


R.E.S. unit:

wind park & photovoltaic station

Storage unit

electrochemical lead acid batteries OPzV



Figure 1: Layout of the hybrid power plant in Agios Efstratios.



2. Siting


Hybrid power plant installation location:

Hill “Lemoni Rachi”


Figure 2: 3D representation of the wind parks siting on a wind potential map background.


3. Dimensioning


Nominal guaranteed power (kW)


Wind park’s nominal power (kW)


Photovoltaic station nominal power (kW)


Batteries charging / discharging capacity (kW)


Batteries storage nominal capacity (MWh)


Batteries maximum discharge depth (%)




4. Energy results


Annual cover percentage of the electricity consumption in the autonomous insular system from the hybrid power plant:




Figure 3: Annual power production synthesis after the introduction of the hybrid power plant.


Figure 4: Power production synthesis during low power demand period (March) after the introduction of the hybrid power plant.