Green stories

1. Sifnos Islands Cooperative and Aeolian Land S.A. towards the energy independence of Sifnos

Sifnos Island Cooperative (SIC - constitutes the first energy cooperative legal scheme in Greek insular territory. Aeolian Land S.A. is proud to collaborate with SIC since January 2016 towards the energy independence of the island of Sifnos. In September 2016, an application was submitted in the Regulatory Authority of Energy for the issuance of the power production license for a hybrid power plant consisted of a wind park and a seawater pumped storage. Read more…


2. Faroe Islands: 100% by 2030

Faroe islands constitute an autonomous insular complex, located in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 200 nautical miles north from Scotland and 230 nautical miles southeast from Iceland, with a permanent population of 50.000 people. The R.E.S. penetration (wind and hydrodynamic energy) in the local autonomous grid is already remarkable, exceeding instantly, under favorable conditions, percentages at the range of 90%. The Faroe islanders have recently put a particularly ambitious target: the 100% energy production in the islands from renewable energy sources, regarding electricity, heating and onshore transportation needs. For this purpose, an exceptionally interesting conference was organized on the 27th and 28th of September in the capital Tórshavn of the Faroe islands, by SEV, the local grid’s operator ( entitled “100by2030” ( Aeolian Land S.A. was invited to attend the event. Read more…


3. The European project "TILOS"

The European Project “TILOS” constitutes a significant, innovative R & D project, approved as first among 80 othes competitive candidate projects within the frames of Horizon 2020. Leader partner of this project in the research team of the Laboratory of Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences ( Although definitely characterized as a national project, at the same time it constitutes an international effort with the participation of 13 European Partners from 7 different countries (Greece, Germany, France, UK, Sweden, Italy and Spain).

Project’s operator: Piraeus University of Applied Sciences
Start date: 1/2/2015
Project’s duration: 4 years
URL & e-mail:,
Contact: Zafeirakis Dimitris, phone: +30 210 5381580, e-mail: Read more…